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Customer Care:
We introduce ourselves as one of the leading household cleaning products manufatures in Kerala, South India. Gaining consulation and encouragement from our customers we are moving forward fastly and steadly and our ultimate vision is to build up our products to a well known brand in India as well as in international level. Take outmost care and concentration in every section of manufacturing we ensure that our products are 100% pure and safe. We manufacture high quality and powerful dishwashers, hand washing lotions, bathrooms cleaners, washing powders, bleaching powders, floor cleaners and many more items in variuos brands. Just take a visit on our product page to know more about our products.
Our Management

Mr. Joy, the Managing Director of Lakno Chemicals who started the company in a humble manner and because of his hardwork, sincerity and long vision, Lakno Chemicals now grew into one of the leading companies of Kerala. He have thorough knowledge about the taste and needness of the customers and upper most conscious about each and every changes in the market and all these factors make this company to attain a standard position in the market.
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  about us.......production.......products.......distribution.......further enquiry .......contact us  
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